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Before passing to the prices, I want to clarify some false beliefs. I will answer to some questions to clarify some doubts:

For web develpment is only necessary to be a good programmer?

For Web development is not enough to know the programming code.
Also need skills in graphic design, communication and digital marketing. A site well developed very criteria of communication and  marketing is an end in itself because no pages were structured in a way suitable to develop the web site attractive in the eyes of the visitors

Why is it important as you say unite the concepts of economics with IT concepts?

For the reasons mentioned above most others. Before you begin to develop a project you must know the brand that is going to deal with the competition and the context.
To do this you need economic concepts and marketing.
You can easily develop without these concepts as do most of the web agencies, but then we will have to ask other people to reorganize the web site in the correct way and to sell the products to the customer that meanwhile spends money 2 times

What's the reason people search on Google? What's The difference from another website and one yours?

People do searches on Google to resolve problems and we need to provide answers to their information needs by providing web pages adequate.
The landing page if done well are a great tool to intercept the needs of visitors from Google and satisfy them.
Certain however that if are not structured in an adequate manner are ends in themselves.
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I found the agencies with low prices, can you give me the same price as their?

Simply cost less because they develop the website on the computer side and just without taking care of the marketing side, landing page, positioning of the brand.
I do not have a low price as certain agencies because I offer a service " turnkey" with many tools that they do not offer. My Websites are designed not to survive, to obtain turnover and acquire customers.

What's a landing page?

Landing page is a web page of your site dedicated to the sale of your products and services exclusively designed for that highlighting their characteristics and to make them attractive in the eyes of the visitors. I will not reach the same result if send visitors on home page

Will I arrive first on Google?

You will not get from today to tomorrow and depends on several factors:

- the keyword for which you want to get good positioning in search page of Google and from the competition that has

- effort that you will put it in the project to follow your website.

It takes constant commitment to avoid spending money to have traffic.
Google rewards at equal content those more updated.
Anyway I think that main objective is to acquire customers. If you are able to acquire customers Google will reward you because it will see him.

Now the prices

All projects are different, you should first talking of person to make an accurate assessment.
Anyway here i will try to give you a indicative orientation

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Prices Development Web sites design Joomla

As a reference I can tell you that a Joomla site under the 2000 euro is not complete and only plays the part of informatics development.
I am not the only to do all things with my concept but there are many around that it does not do it in complete way so you should not become too enthralled by prices too low
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Also in this case I see many people that sells ecommerce development web site at 2000 or less.  Probably for the reason mentioned above. Consider that you can make an investment of 4000 or 5000 however you have a complete package indexed on search engines, digitalmarketing strategies and positioning of your brand to distinguish it and have an advantage over competitors and possibly online advertising campaigns to launch your products in the initial phase and do.
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